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Good Friday

Here I am, sitting dressed in black, at my computer with a few moments of quietness. This week has been one that I have hoped for and dreamed about. A week that, last year, seemed a lifetime away. Holy Week. Easter. The week that we receive the Eucharist for the first time. Here it is. […]

This is My Body

I have quite a few friends who have gotten into sourdough starter. They make pancakes, pie crusts and bread. I’ve been balking for a while but decided to jump into bread making after seeing how easy it was. First I got some sourdough starter from a friend. I put it into a jar and then […]

Why Be Catholic? Why Not!

I’ve been having my ups and downs on this journey of faith. A while back I was scared stiff to become catholic but now I’m looking forward to it again. I wonder at what others will think about me. I think of how many people I know who used to be catholic. I want to […]

Day #9 What I am Thankful For

Church It’s not just somewhere to go on a Sunday. Church is the body of Christ. All Christians are a part of His body. I’m thankful for this connection to so many people. I also like going to church. I love hymns and worshipping God. I love being with other people who love God. This […]

Why I Feel Drawn to the Catholic Church

When I was a girl I visited a Californian Mission with my mother. I remember telling her how beautiful I thought it was and that I wanted to get married there. My mother had to explain to me that I couldn’t because I wasn’t catholic. I still love the beauty of the church. I love […]

A New Calling

Sometimes God calls you to places where you never thought you would even consider. But then you realize that He was preparing you all along. This is true for me now. Last year God taught me amazing wonderful things through my pregnancy, miscarriage and then another pregnancy. Now this year God is giving us a […]