Why on Earth?

Fire Danger!!!

Something has been puzzling me recently. When Toddler Girl gets pajamas they are either flame retardant or they have a tag saying that they are not and should fit snugly. I’ve been thinking this through. Why on earth do baby and kid pajamas have to be flame resistant? Thinking about this only raises more questions. […]

Why Do You Complain?

Babies are a gift from God.┬áMy mother said this many times as we were growing up. It is so ingrained in my heart and mind that I don’t understand why Christians would think otherwise. I just don’t understand why Christians would just complain about their kids all the time and not want more than two […]

Are People Really That Selfish?

Maybe it’s because I grew up with lots of brothers and no sisters. Maybe it’s because I was a sheltered homeschool girl. Maybe it’s because I grew up in small churches. Maybe it’s because of something else. There are just some things that I don’t understand. Some things about human nature that I can’t figure […]