I’m Coming Back

I’ve decided to come back to my blog after being gone for a year. A lot has changed. We’ve moved and we have added another baby to our family who will be born any day now. I have a subject to talk about that is controversial but I will also be making homeschooling updates as […]

ABCJLM: Year 4, Week 8

This week worked out great for us. We worked on our I’m Thankful 4 posters. School Girl told me all kinds of random things that she is thankful for. Just a few to mention are friends, her water bottle, her head, markers, eyes and salad. My husband and I wrote down what we are thankful for and […]


I’m taking a break from posting because my computer is having issues with wordpress. When I click on the My Sites link nothing loads. This means that I can’t work on and save a post or see my previous posts. I’ll try to find out what the issue is but until then I won’t be […]

Day #15 What I am Thankful For

Music stirs the soul. It can lift you up when you are feeling depressed or it can depress you when you’re happy. Music is so powerful. Music knows no limits. It can speak to all people everywhere. It can motivate you and pump you up for a workout. It can relax you to sleep. Music […]

Day #14 What I’m Thankful For

I’m thankful for books. I love reading. There are so many good stories out there. I like how a good story will keep you focused and using your imagination. Some of my favorite books from my childhood are: The Chronicles of Narnia The Little House books Sherlock Holmes American Girl books Boxcar Children I could […]

ABCJLM: Year 2, Weeks 30 & 31

Some of the stuff was the same for these two weeks which we accomplished in one week’s time. The verse was Matthew 28:6 He is risen as He said. The poem was Right Hand, Left Hand. Week 30 The Bible story was Jesus Rides on a Donkey. We had already done the palm leaf craft. I couldn’t find a […]

How the Abortion Culture Affects Motherhood

Originally posted on Your Mom Has A Blog:
This weekend I ran across a blog that features anonymous “mommy confessions,” where mamas can post some of their most cringe-worthy moments or try to help clear their consciences by revealing some terrible thing that they feel guilty about doing.  It was certainly an eye opener to…