2 Month Update/Vaccines Part 1

Baby is holding her head up, sitting assisted and even rolled over (from tummy to back). She smiles often and laughs occasionally. She enjoys her Daddy’s company as well as mine. She also loves the attention she gets from her older sisters. It’s back to the CDC website to look up what vaccines are recommended […]

Baby #3 is here!

There is a topic that I wanted to talk about and that is vaccines. I’ve decided to talk about the ones that my baby would be getting at each age if we were following the recommended CDC schedule. Today I want to talk about the Hep B Vaccine which is normally recommended at birth. Here’s […]

Day #13 What I’m Thankful For

I always wanted to be a stay at home mom. I’m so glad that I can stay at home with my girls. My husband is doing all the hard work being a full time student as well as working part time. But I’m able to be present for our girls and give them the attention that […]

Day # 3 What I’m Thankful For

I am so thankful for my children. I have always loved babies and children. I’ve wanted a bunch of kids ever since my mother had a bunch of them. But there is something so special when you actually have kids of your own. God teaches us through our kids. I used to think that having […]

Four Month Update

Baby Girl is outgrowing her three month clothes. I put some six month clothes into her drawers and packed away most of the three month ones. I don’t know how much she weighs since her checkup is not until later this month. I did measure her and she is 24 inches tall. Baby girl likes to […]

Three Months Postpartum

Baby Girl is growing fast. She weighs about 11 pounds and is almost 23 inches tall. She loves to smile and laugh. She is a really easy going baby. She is content to be held by almost everyone and even enjoys some time in her bouncy seat. Baby Girl can hold her own head up […]

My Heart Was Torn

I thought I had gotten over my disappointments about my birth. But yesterday I realized that I hadn’t. I’m thinking that maybe I have a little case of PTSD. I don’t understand how something as beautiful as a baby coming into the world can be so terrible. I feel like I was robbed. That there […]