Day #12 What I’m Thankful For

Having a car to drive is wonderful. We sacrifice a lot to have two cars. But it is great to be able to drive wherever I want to and meet friends who live both near and far. I know that we might not have two cars for much longer. One of them may break down […]

Tax Return

I filed my tax return today. It was nice to save a couple hundred bucks by doing it myself this year. Now, all I have to do is wait for my refund to get here. My husband and I already have planned what we are using our refund for. This year we decided that we […]

God is My Provider

Tax time is here. I’ve decided to file our taxes online. I’ve been meaning to sort through paperwork but haven’t put in the effort to begin. So yesterday I started to sort through this last years paperwork looking for stuff I need to put on my tax forms. I have most of it together now. […]

Projected Costs for Baby #2

Last week I posted this:¬†How Much Do Babies Really Cost?. I thought I’d do a follow up on how much our second baby will cost. A lot of people plan on having fewer children because of the cost. So I want to show that it doesn’t cost as much as some people will say. Delivery: […]

How Much Do Babies Really Cost?

It all depends on your parenting style, whether you want your baby to have all new stuff and if you have people giving you things and helping you out or not. Some people claim that your baby costs thousands of dollars in its first year and that doesn’t count delivery. So here’s what we spent […]

Expenses Add Up Really Fast: Part 2

These are the categories that I picked out for our budget. My husband and I put them in order of importance to us. School Books: Student loans pay tuition directly to the school so the only school expenses we have are books and computer related expenses. My husband does a great job ordering used books […]

Expenses Add Up Really Fast: Part 1

I thought I’d start a series talking about the different parts of my family’s budget and what we do to save money. Housing: We are currently renting. We live in California so housing prices are really high. We are living in a little house that I think is about 650 square feet. Part of me […]