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Baby #3 is here!

There is a topic that I wanted to talk about and that is vaccines. I’ve decided to talk about the ones that my baby would be getting at each age if we were following the recommended CDC schedule. Today I want to talk about the Hep B Vaccine which is normally recommended at birth.

Here’s what you need to know about Hepatitis B. I recommend that you pay attention to the part about how Hep B is transmitted and who is at risk.


My biggest question with this vaccine is why do newborns need it? If the mother does not have Hep B then why vaccinate the baby? I don’t know about your baby but mine is not doing drugs or having sex. So I would think that this vaccine could wait until later.

Side effects: Soreness at injection site and fever of 99.9 F or higher that can last 1-2 days.


Personally, I don’t want my precious newborn to deal with fevers in her first few days. I don’t want to end up in the hospital with a feverish newborn. High fevers can cause dehydration for one thing which can be detrimental to a baby’s health.

Now let’s look at what is in the vaccine.

There are two Hep B vaccines for infants to adolescents.

Hep B (Engerix-B): aluminum hydroxide, yeast protein, sodium chloride, disodium phosphate dihydrate, sodium dihydrogen phosphate dihydrate

Hep B (Recombivax): soy peptone, dextrose, amino acids, mineral salts, phosphate buffer, formaldehyde, potassium aluminum sulfate, amorphous aluminum hydroxyphosphate sulfate, yeast protein



I don’t want to inject aluminum or formaldehyde in my baby. I don’t even know what some of the other stuff is.

Bottom line: My baby doesn’t need this vaccine. When she is older she can research all the ingredients and decide whether the risks outweigh the benefits of this vaccine.


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