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The Biggest Lie About Food

Cooking is so hard. It takes so much time and effort. It’s so expensive to cook from scratch.

These are all lies. Yes, cooking is work but it can be fun as well. Some things will surprise you at how easy they are. For example, I made pickles last week. First I cut up small cucumbers so they would fit in a couple old mason jars. Then I added dill and pickling spices. Next I dissolved a tablespoon of salt into water and poured it into the jars covering the cucumbers. I used cabbage leaves to hold the cucumbers under the brine. I put these jars into a cupboard and thought, “That was easy“. Three days later I had yummy pickles to eat. Why did I think fermenting was so hard? It was super easy.

I’ve been baking our own bread for over a month now. It is easy to take care of sourdough starter and use it to bake bread. Flour, salt, water. That is all it takes to bake bread. Again, way easier than I thought it would be.

There is so much satisfaction in making your own food. I am able to make things from scratch and feel proud of my culinary creations. Cooking is so worth it. I am learning that cooking is a joyful and rewarding process. I’m cooking foods that I love and sharing them with my family.

If you subscribe to Netflix then check out the documentary “Cooked.” It’s pretty awesome.


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