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Good Friday

Here I am, sitting dressed in black, at my computer with a few moments of quietness. This week has been one that I have hoped for and dreamed about. A week that, last year, seemed a lifetime away. Holy Week. Easter. The week that we receive the Eucharist for the first time. Here it is.

I have grown so much in just the last couple of months. My understanding of what it is to be Christ’s Body, His Church has deepened. My desire to not just know God and to know about Him but to also BE His Body has been awakened. I feel as if I was sleeping for a long time. I forgot so many things in this slumber. But through my RCIA classes I have woken up and been reminded of who God is, who I am and what I am supposed to be doing.  I am so excited for this week as I feel my life begin anew. My past is forgiven and now I am able to remember what Christ did for me. Today I dressed in mostly black to remind myself that this is a somber day. I went to a nearby parish where the priest led us through the stations of the cross. Now I wait until the Good Friday service at our parish. I wait eagerly. Because I know that this is the dark before the morning. This time is somber and dreary. This is a time of waiting and waiting. Just like I have waited for so long to take the Eucharist. But I know the ending of the story! I know that Easter is coming. That is why I can wait eagerly with a joyful anticipation. I wait anxiously to fully partake of the Lord’s Table.

I know that partaking of the Eucharist is not just sharing in the joy but sharing in the pain. I know that it will mean bearing my cross. I am a little apprehensive about what others might think about me becoming Catholic. I know that some people don’t think Catholics are Christians. But I have to accept the persecution that comes along with the joys of following Jesus. May Christ’s Church help me to hold fast to my faith.


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