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This is My Body

I have quite a few friends who have gotten into sourdough starter. They make pancakes, pie crusts and bread. I’ve been balking for a while but decided to jump into bread making after seeing how easy it was. First I got some sourdough starter from a friend. I put it into a jar and then “grew” it by adding flour and water. Then, the next day, I made a sponge by mixing together one cup of starter, one cup of water and one cup of flour. I put this in the fridge. You can leave it on the counter if you want to bake that same day. I made my loaf the next day by adding flour and salt to the sponge and kneading it. I let it rise for a few hours and then baked it. It turned out really good. So now I’m hooked. Store bought bread tastes stale compared to fresh homemade. I can see by keeping a routine I can have fresh bread every day if I want to.

Real sourdough bread made from starter doesn’t have that much gluten. The gluten and starches in the bread are broken down making it easier to digest. The bread has a lower glycemic index which means that you won’t get the sugar crash experienced after eating white breads. This sourdough bread is hearty and nourishing, full of beneficial bacteria.

When Jesus said that He is the Bread of Life, He didn’t mean wonder bread. He was talking about old fashioned hearty bread. Bread that people could live off of. He wasn’t talking about stale, week old bread. He was talking about fresh, beautiful bread. When you experience bread at its best you can understand.

I’m looking forward to taking my first Eucharist in the Catholic Church. To eat the bread and drink the wine. To share in Christ’s suffering. To have Christ inside of me. To become His Body, the Church. It is becoming so real to me. For some reason baking ordinary bread at home connects me to God. Maybe it’s because only God can take something ordinary like bread and turn it into something extraordinary. Only God can take an ordinary sinner like me and use me for something good.


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