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Why Be Catholic? Why Not!

I’ve been having my ups and downs on this journey of faith. A while back I was scared stiff to become catholic but now I’m looking forward to it again. I wonder at what others will think about me. I think of how many people I know who used to be catholic. I want to start asking them why they are not attending mass anymore. I also think of my protestant family.

This week I’m fasting from videos. It’s really hard to stay off of youtube right now. But I’m already reaping the benefits of the extra time I have. I hope to get some books read this Advent season. I’m no longer looking for reasons to not become catholic. Instead I want to draw closer to God and develop my faith. I’m searching for answers to my questions not looking for problems.

Why is the Church so fragmented and broken? Why are people leaving the catholic church? Does God draw some people to and others away? What can I learn from the history of the catholic church? What does God want to teach me?

What does God require of me right now?



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