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No Video For a Week

A while ago I was thinking about not watching movies or TV for the month of December. But then I thought that would be too hard. It would be hard on my husband too. We enjoy hanging out and watching TV together in the evening. So I decided that I would not watch any video (even the ones in my Facebook feed) for a whole week. The point of this is to free up the time that I watch videos (and play computer games) so I can do other things.

Yesterday I spent some of the girls nap time on my computer but then read a little in a book. I got some cleaning done around the house as well. Last night we pulled out a few Christmas decorations.

Today, I have time to blog and read. I want to be able to focus on getting ready for Christmas. It’s not just about decorating the house and doing crafts and activities as a family. Getting ready for Christmas is also about preparing my heart. Focusing on Jesus and becoming more like him. Last year I learned that Advent is a time of fasting and prayer for some. I never thought about combining fasting with the Advent season. I always thought it was more about feasting than fasting. But this year I want to do it differently. I want to draw closer to the Christ Child this Christmas.


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