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ABCJLM: Year 4, Week 6

This week we read about Little King Josiah. School Girl colored and scribbled all over the page. She is determined to color her own way and will sometimes turn over a coloring page to draw on the back. Our verse, Proverbs 19:20, still needs a lot of work so we will be doing that during the review week coming up.

We’re still listening to the songs but they have taken a back burner while we focus on Bible, verses and worksheets this year.

We read the Tales of Oliver Pig. These were new to us. I liked some of the lessons in the book about playing nicely and sharing.

We discussed spatial concepts like above and below. School Girl has a good mastery over this.

School Girl worked on the letter V this week. Her penmanship is definitely improving.

We also played with play dough and practiced cutting with scissors.

Another thing that we started this week was the I’m Thankful 4 posters. My husband and I are working on writing down what we are thankful for while I write down what School Girl is thankful for. She is thankful for magnets, books, magazines, pens, the letter Z, Samuel from the Bible…


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