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RCIA – Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults

A lot has happened this past year. We spent most of the last year attending the local Catholic church. Then after much thought and research we started an RCIA class in July. It’s been interesting on this journey of faith. My husband knows that he wants to join the Catholic Church. But I have my ups and downs. Sometimes I feel really excited about the Church. I love the liturgy and the traditions. I love the history and the community. But then I get scared. I’m scared of commitment, of taking the plunge, of going deeper. I’m scared of stepping out in faith and doing something different.

Another issue is that even though we have some support in our decision to become Catholic, some people are opposed. We have people in our extended family who are having a really hard time accepting that God is bringing us to the Catholic Church. They are protestants (they protest the Catholic Church.) I’ve been told that I’m rebelling against my family’s faith.

It’s hard to make a decision like this. We have not found a home in any church except for the Catholic Church. I know that it’s not perfect but I’m willing to accept it. I feel like God is leading us down this path. But it is hard to follow Christ when it means upsetting others. I then question myself and wonder if I’m really hearing from God? I feel like if I don’t become Catholic then I will wander around always without a home. I want to join the Catholic Church. I want to follow Christ. I want to do God’s will. I pray that I am hearing His calling.


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