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ABCJLM: Year 4, Week 4 (Review)

Instead of reviewing Bible stories from the curriculum I’m taking the opportunity to read some that aren’t covered.¬†We did review all three Bible verses. School Girl worked on shapes some more. She did some tracing and we talked about hexagons and cubes and spheres. We read the previous books of the week. We read a […]

ABCJLM: Year 4, Week 3

I’m really enjoying teaching right now. School Girl has taken a few steps forward in writing. She has a eager attitude when it comes to school these days. Our Bible Story was Abraham and Sarah. We learned about God’s promise to Abraham. We talked about how Abraham and Sarah had to wait a long time […]

ABCJLM: Year 4, Week 2

This week we talked about the story of The Fiery Furnace. School Girl colored and answered the questions for the story. I remember when we started the two year curriculum she couldn’t say more than a handful of words. But now she can tell me how much she comprehends. We worked on the verse, James […]

Paleo and Mostly Organic

I decided to do an elimination/food cleanse diet this year. Thankfully my husband jumped on board which made it a whole lot easier. So after looking at the GAPS diet and the Maker’s Diet I settled on the latter. So I picked up The Maker’s Diet by Jordan Rubin from our library. We didn’t follow […]

RCIA – Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults

A lot has happened this past year. We spent most of the last year attending the local Catholic church. Then after much thought and research we started an RCIA class in July. It’s been interesting on this journey of faith. My husband knows that he wants to join the Catholic Church. But I have my […]

ABCJLM: Year 4, Week 1

I’m back! My Toddler Girl has grown and is now starting the 4 year curriculum through Baby Girl is not a baby anymore. She wants to do everything her big sister does. We just finished our first week of homeschool. Our Bible story was Jesus Walking on Water. We had a coloring page to […]