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Day #1 What I’m Thankful For

I’m challenging myself to write about one thing that I’m thankful for each day leading up to Thanksgiving Day.

I’m going to start today with saying how thankful I am for my relationship with God. I wouldn’t be here without Him and my life is made fuller by knowing Him. I wish that I could say that I walk with God like Adam and Eve walked with God. I wish I could say that I walk with God like the disciples walked with Him. I wish I could say that I walk with God. But it’s more like He carries me. He carries me through all the tough times and the good times.

I know that God wants more from me. I know that I could give Him more but I hold back. Sometimes I have so much fun being me that I don’t realize that the person whom I will become is much better.

I could ramble on and on about who God is to me and what He has done for me. But it would be a jumbled up mess. If you want to read something really worth reading then get a Bible. You will find out what God did for me and for you too.

The one thing that I hope and pray for is that my children would see Christ in me. I hope that they will never have to ask why I believe in God but that it will be so clear to them by my actions and words that God has changed me.


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