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ABCJLM: Year 3, Week 8

Our Bible story this week was Crossing the Red Sea. Our Bible verse was Phil. 4:19 “My God will supply all your needs.” Our song was He’s Got the Whole World In His Hands. Toddler Girl had the verse memorized by the end of the week. The last few have been longer and harder so it was nice to have one that she could master.

The poem was a familiar one, Jack and Jill.

The book of the week was All By Myself. It was funny to hear Toddler Girl say “Read, All By Myself.” I read it to her a lot so she was able to “read” it to herself.

We made shape faces this week. I cut out a heart and oval and a few little shapes to paste on for eyes, nose and mouth. Toddler Girl loved glueing the faces onto the shapes.

We colored a pumpkin coloring page.

The letter of the week was E. We read My “e” sound box. We also did the starfall activity online.

We practiced matching the letters in Toddler Girl’s name and cutting with scissors to work on her fine motor skills.


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