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Thankful for Food Stamps

We (my husband and I) have been on food stamps for over a year now. It has been a tremendous blessing to us. Things were so tight last year that we only had two hundred dollars each month for groceries. We ate a lot at my parents and ate basic things at home like chicken, pasta, rice, eggs, peanut butter and jelly, fruit and veggies. Now we have been able to assign that two hundred elsewhere and eat a way more balanced diet.  We are also eating at home all the time except for an occasion meal elsewhere. I wanted to post a positive blog about food stamps. A lot of people complain about those who are on food stamps thinking that it’s because of laziness. Some people on food stamps complain that they are not getting enough. I want to say that I’m thankful for what we are getting and I feel like it is more than enough. I’m thankful that there are government programs to help people out like my family. My husband is a full time student who works hard at his part time job. He also has to put unpaid hours in at an internship to graduate with his doctorate degree. Things are tough. We’re living on a combination of school loans and money from his part-time job. I am thankful that I can stay at home to take care of our kids. I am thankful for the food stamps (SNAP benefits) that we get each month. Here is what we are eating on the $600 that we get each month.

  • Fresh fruits (bananas, avocados, organic berries or grapes, melon, oranges)
  • Fresh veggies (carrots, organic bell peppers, organic potatoes, organic onions, broccoli, organic kale, snap peas, mushrooms)
  • Frozen veggies (I buy a big bag from Costco every few months so we always have some on hand for when we run out of fresh veggies)
  • Canned tomato sauce
  • Meat (ground beef, stewing beef, beef steak, beef roast, chicken thighs, canned salmon)
  • Organic eggs
  • Butter
  • Nuts
  • Oil (olive, canola, coconut)
  • Bread (whole grain sandwich bread, bagels, tortillas)
  • Pasta
  • Rice
  • Treats (cereal, cookies, muffins, breakfast bars, ice cream, pie)
  • Freezer meals (orange chicken, fried rice, corn dogs, etc)

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