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Four Month Update

Baby Girl is outgrowing her three month clothes. I put some six month clothes into her drawers and packed away most of the three month ones. I don’t know how much she weighs since her checkup is not until later this month. I did measure her and she is 24 inches tall. Baby girl likes to lay on her play mat. She is content to play while I get things done around the house. She can roll over both ways and is quite good at it. Baby girl sits up with assistance and got her own high chair seat recently so she can start joining the family at dinner time soon. Sometimes I hold her on my lap while I eat and she has started to swat her hands around. I have to keep my plate pushed away from her reach. She is exclusively breastfed and still sleeps with me.

I’m still keeping very busy. I did get a break from activities when the girls got sick a couple weeks ago. I’m going on walks almost every day and hope to keep that up. I’m planning on starting a few basic abdominal exercises later this week. It’s kind of scary to think about abdominal exercises right now. But I know that it is time that I start getting back in touch with my body.


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