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Step #2: Switch to Whole Grains

Grains are an interesting topic these days. Some people are in an uproar about the GMO grains and eat only organic non-GMO. Some people are gluten free. Some people believe in eating only sprouted grains. It seems like there are a bunch of different ways to approach grains. I’ve given the topic a lot of thought. Maybe it is healthier to eat non processed grains. Maybe it’s best to grind grains yourself and make your own bread. But frankly, I do not want to spend my time baking bread and making my own crackers and tortillas. I enjoy buying these items from the store. I do want to improve my diet so I’ve decided to eat mostly whole grains instead of just white flour. I’ve already switched to a whole grain sprouted wheat bagel for my breakfast toast. I started getting the whole wheat tortillas instead of the white flour ones. I’m also getting whole wheat pasta. I notice that whole wheat seems to fill me up and keep me feeling satisfied for longer. I also feel better after I eat it. It makes me feel more level (doesn’t spike my blood sugar). I plan to only purchase whole grains except for maybe the rare treat. I also want to eat more quinoa and brown rice.


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