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Step #1: Add More Veggies

I go through times when I eat healthier but this is not one of those times. For the past few months I’ve been eating whatever I feel like. Like a few weeks ago my husband picked up a pie at the grocery store when I was craving something sweet. I ended up eating a quarter of that pie for four days straight. I’ve been eating ice cream too. We’ve been having a lot of orange chicken and other freezer meals as well. I have eaten corn dogs, cookies, and lots of white flour pastas and breads. I also have been letting Toddler Girl eat a lot of processed food as well. I’ve decided that I want to change. I want to start eating way better than I have ever eaten before.

There are so many different opinions out there on what is best to eat and to not eat. I want to eat better in order to feel my best and to have the energy that I need. My first step is to add more vegetables. My husband and I are together on this one. We both are starting to make an effort to add more vegetables into the meals we cook. This week I snacked on bell peppers with hummus and added fresh spinach to my burritos and wraps. We added more veggies (broccoli, carrots, corn, peas) to our stir fry.

What are your favorite vegetables?


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