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Why I Feel Drawn to the Catholic Church

When I was a girl I visited a Californian Mission with my mother. I remember telling her how beautiful I thought it was and that I wanted to get married there. My mother had to explain to me that I couldn’t because I wasn’t catholic.

I still love the beauty of the church. I love the peace and quiet of walking into an empty sanctuary. Only it’s not really empty because you can feel the presence of God there. It makes you want to pray. I don’t get that feeling anywhere else except for out in nature. I love stained glass windows and beautiful artwork. I love how it reminds you of Jesus.

I know that I, like many others, have preconceived notions of what the Catholic church believes. In this post I will talk about what I think the church believes. I want to make clear that I have not studied the dogmas and doctrines of the Catholic faith. So I may assume some things about the church that are wrong. I’m hoping to learn more in the coming months and to write about what I’m learning.

One of the reasons that I admire the Catholic church is because of its pro-life stance. I’m not just talking about anti-abortion. The Catholic church believes that babies are a gift from God. They don’t believe in birth control but instead believe in being open to God’s gift of life.

The Catholic church is firm and unchanging in its beliefs. They are willing to stand up for what is right and true when many other churches will waver and give into the cultural changes in a worldly society.

My husband feels something whenever he enters a Catholic church that he doesn’t feel anywhere else. Could he be feeling the presence of Christ? My husband has never settled into and felt at ease in different churches. But he knows that Catholic churches have something that cannot be found elsewhere.

The Catholic church takes scripture very literally. They also back up everything they believe with scripture. The church has been around since Jesus built it through Peter. Because there are so many years of traditions the church leaders have thought things through and have something to say on every issue.

As I’m learning more and reading more I cannot find any fault or anything that goes against scripture.

I’m hoping to write more soon about this journey.


One comment on “Why I Feel Drawn to the Catholic Church

  1. What I love about sitting in a catholic church is being in the presence of Jesus. He is truly there, hidden in the Eucharist. Visit sometime during adoration,it is beautiful.

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