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ABCJLM: Year 3, Week 1

This week we jumped right into the three year curriculum from http://abcjesuslovesme.com 

Our Bible story was the first three days of Creation. I made the Creation Wheel to go over what God made each day. We watched youtube videos of clouds and waterfalls. We worked on our verse, Genesis 1:1. We also did the creation fingerplay. We sang This Is The Day and God Made Seven Days. 

The book of the week was Five Little Ducks. We read this book, sang the song, and watched some baby duck videos on youtube. We colored the Five Little Ducks printout and I cut the ducks out. We read the book using the ducks to act out the story. We practiced counting backwards from five. 

The colors of the week were black, white and blue. We cut out a cone and circles to make an ice cream cone. We will be adding more colors next week. I didn’t use the template for this craft because I wanted to make ours smaller so it would fit on one piece of paper. 

The number of the week was zero. We read a book about zero. Toddler Girl colored the zero poster with a blue crayon. 

The gross motor skill was a game called put the fire out. I drew a ladder with a fire at the top with sidewalk chalk. Then I put a bucket of water at the bottom of the ladder. Toddler Girl dipped a sponge into the water, ran up the ladder and squeezed the sponge over the “fire”. Then she repeated it until the fire was put out. 

The fine motor skill was drawing our family. I cut shapes out of different colored construction paper and arranged them into people. Then I put them into a pile and had Toddler Girl put the shapes together to make people. We made Papa, Mama, Toddler Girl and Baby Girl. It was fun to see how Toddler Girl put the people together. 


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