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ABCJLM: Year 3, Week 4 (Review)

It was nice to have a review week since the girls got sick towards the end of last week. I sang the songs and poems from the previous weeks. I read the Bible stories in two different Bible story books. Later in the week I read from the Bible. It was nice to have the […]

Progress with Step #1

The first part of adding more vegetables into my diet was buying more at the grocery store. Then, anytime that I was cooking veggies I would add a few more than what I used to put in. Here’s a rundown of the meals that I had veggies with. Friday: I ate a mixed veggie and ground meat […]

ABCJLM: Year 3, Week 3

Our Bible Story was Adam and Eve Disobey. We read this and did the forbidden fruit craft. We colored it orange and I cut it out and glued it to a popsicle stick. We didn’t have pom poms to make a little worm, so I just left it like that. We made play dough snakes together. […]

Step #1: Add More Veggies

I go through times when I eat healthier but this is not one of those times. For the past few months I’ve been eating whatever I feel like. Like a few weeks ago my husband picked up a pie at the grocery store when I was craving something sweet. I ended up eating a quarter […]

ABCJLM: Year 3, Week 2

Our Bible story was days 4-7 of Creation. We used the Creation Wheel to review what God made each day. We worked on our verse, Genesis 1:1 In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. We did the creation fingerplay. We sang This Is The Day and God Made Seven Days. I wrote “God Made…” across the top of […]

Why I Feel Drawn to the Catholic Church

When I was a girl I visited a Californian Mission with my mother. I remember telling her how beautiful I thought it was and that I wanted to get married there. My mother had to explain to me that I couldn’t because I wasn’t catholic. I still love the beauty of the church. I love […]

Visiting Mass

We’ve visited four different Catholic churches. It’s interesting to see how different they are. Each building had a different feel to it and each service was slightly different as well. I had assumed that most Catholic churches were very similar but now I know that they aren’t. We’ve decided to start attending the church that […]