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A New Calling

Sometimes God calls you to places where you never thought you would even consider. But then you realize that He was preparing you all along. This is true for me now. Last year God taught me amazing wonderful things through my pregnancy, miscarriage and then another pregnancy. Now this year God is giving us a new beginning, a fresh start. We have spent three of the last four weeks not at our regular church but going to mass. We believe that God is calling us to the Catholic church. My husband has been considering this for a long time but waited before telling me that he felt like we should consider becoming Catholic. Since then I’ve been talking to my Catholic friends, listening to Catholic radio and reading books. The truth is that I have found my beliefs changing over the past few years. My views of what Church is, what the body of Christ is, what family is. I’m ready to begin the next step in our journey of faith.


One comment on “A New Calling

  1. I’m glad to hear you trust where God is leading you! More often you hear of people leaving the Catholic Church than you hear of people turning towards it. I hope that you and your family find comfort there. I’m at an in between stage right now… Not sure if I should stay in church or pursue other things.

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