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ABCJLM: Year 2, Weeks 32 & 33

This week we read the story of Jesus rising from the dead. We worked on the verse of the week, 1 Thessalonians 2:13 Give Thanks to God. We also reviewed Matthew 28:6. Our craft was a handprint butterfly. This was fun to make and I wrote Jesus Is Alive across the bottom.

Our poem was Hot Cross Buns. 

The book of the week was Clifford. We received the book this week as a gift. We also watched some Clifford TV episodes. 

To work on our shapes we made a little person with heart body and heart shaped mouth and eyes. We glued long rectangles on for arms and legs.

Week 33 is a review week. Toddler Girl colored the Jesus Love’s _____ title page.

We went ahead and used watercolors to paint the number 10 apple tree. 

I received the 3 year workbook and am eager to start. I decided to start with the pre objective test right away. I still have to go through most of the letters with Toddler Girl but we completed everything else. She knows her numbers, colors and shapes very well. She surprised me by doing quite well with the spatial part even though I have not worked with her on this yet. I guess she really pays attention to what we say and understands it well.


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