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I Never “Lost” My Virginity

I’m glad that I saved sex for marriage. But I didn’t save it for a bunch of reasons that some people do.

I didn’t save sex:

  • Because I thought I would go to hell. (I know that God’s forgiveness is greater than any sin I could commit)
  • To have awesome, amazing married person sex someday. (Someone told me that I would have more enjoyable sex more often if I waited but that wasn’t something I was thinking about then)
  • So I could pridefully claim the title virgin. (Being a virgin wasn’t the sum of everything I was.)
  • Because that way I would be worthy of marrying a man who saved sex for me. (I realized that I didn’t deserve anyone except by God’s grace) 

I saved sex for marriage: 

  • Because God commanded me to. 
  • Because God gave me the grace. I failed in so many other ways but stuck to this at least.
  • Because I made the conscious decision to give that part of me up to God.
  • Because I wanted to be able to give my husband the beautiful gift of myself. 
  • Because I knew that I didn’t want to have baggage going into a marriage relationship.

When I got married I was able to give my husband my whole self on our wedding night. I remember giving him the purity ring that I had worn as a symbol of what I had done for him and for God. Because I waited, I never lost anything. I gained a beautiful relationship with my husband.  


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