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ABCJLM: Year 2, Weeks 30 & 31

Some of the stuff was the same for these two weeks which we accomplished in one week’s time. The verse was Matthew 28:6 He is risen as He said. The poem was Right Hand, Left Hand.

Week 30

The Bible story was Jesus Rides on a Donkey. We had already done the palm leaf craft. I couldn’t find a paper bag for the donkey puppet so we didn’t do that one. (I need to save little paper bags for crafts)

The song was Praise Him. Toddler Girl loves this song. Sometimes she asks me to sing it to her. She also sings along.

The shape of the week was the diamond. I made a poster by glueing the large and small diamonds onto a brown piece of paper. Toddler Girl had fun decorating the diamond poster with markers and glitter glue.

She used the colors of the week (brown, green, blue) to color the tree coloring page. 

We decorated the number nine apple tree with little squares of construction paper and apples. 

I had Toddler Girl practice setting a place at the table with the template. She was doing well with this. 

For the fine motor skill she worked on a puzzle and for the gross motor skill I had her walk like different animals.

Week 31

The Bible story was Jesus’ Death. We did the cross heart painting. I explained that the cross reminds us of Jesus’ Death and the heart reminds us that God loves us and that’s why Jesus died. He died to save the world from sin. We sang O How I Love Jesus

The colors of the week were red, black and orange. Toddler Girl used q-tips to paint with watercolors. 


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