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ABCJLM: Year 2, Week 25 & 26

We are going through the material just one week at a time. I was planning on approaching it at a faster pace but life has been busy. That’s why I’m just now getting around to posting about the last couple weeks.

Week 25

We talked about how the Bible is special. Toddler Girl colored the book poster and I wrote Bible on it. Then I cut it out and glued it onto a piece of paper. I also cut out the candle coloring sheet. Toddler girl colored it and helped glue it onto a black piece of paper. I then let her decorate it with glitter glue and I wrote Psalm 119:105 across the bottom. We worked on the verse “Pray Always” 1 Thessalonians 5:17. We sang Pat The Bible and Humpty Dumpty.

The color of the week was white so Toddler Girl glued cotton pieces onto the white cloud poster. The shape of the week was a heart. I took the heart shapes that she had colored before and had her spend a little time coloring them some more. Then I glued them onto a white piece of paper and had her decorate the poster with glitter glue.

Week 26

We talked about prayer this week. I read The Lord’s Prayer slowly so Toddler Girl could repeat it after me. I think that it is an important prayer to memorize. We said Thessalonians 5:17. I sang the song Whisper a Prayer. I also sang a couple other songs from the curriculum. Prayer Song and I Have Ten Fingers. 

To work on our shapes I cut out squares and circles from the truck template. We had fun arranging them into different trucks. 

Toddler Girl used her dot markers to decorate the number eight apple tree. Then she glued on eight apples that I had cut out from construction paper. She wanted to do this activity with little help. I’m seeing more independence with her artwork.

We spent a little time finger painting this week. Toddler Girl had a lot of fun.

During these past two weeks we have spent a lot of time outside going to the park, playing with friends and going for walks.


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