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Six Weeks Postpartum

The past six weeks have went by so fast. Sometimes I forget that I had major surgery a month and a half ago. I’ve just started lifting Toddler Girl into her car seat. I didn’t go anywhere alone with her until this past week. She feels so heavy since I haven’t lifted her at all for almost six weeks. My incision doesn’t hurt much. Once in a while I have a sharp pain in the right side of my lower abdomen. My stitches on the outside are tender still. But most of the time I feel pretty good. My stomach bulges out a little. I’ve lost muscle tone in my belly. 

I’m walking every day now. I’ve increased the amount of walking that I do each day. I want to build my strength up again. I’m also starting slow with ab exercises. So far I’m just working on engaging my muscles as I suck in my tummy and then release. I can do these laying down or standing up. 

Baby Girl is growing fast. She is over nine pounds and has grown almost two inches since birth. She is smiling, holding her head up with minimal support, and can scoot if I lay her on her tummy.



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