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Potty Training is Just Around the Corner

There are all kinds of signs that a kid is ready to be potty trained. I read that peeing in the shower is a readiness sign. If that’s the case then Toddler Girl has been ready before she could sit up on her own. 

When Toddler Girl was a year old I got her a little potty so she could sit on it and get used to it. She even peed a few times when I put her on it first thing after she woke up. Then the potty was left alone for a long time. 

I would keep in mind potty readiness signs. 

  • being able to dress and undress self
  • knowing when she dirtied her diaper
  • asking to be changed

For the past year I would ask Toddler Girl if she wanted to sit on the potty. She would sit on it with her clothes on. I tried taking off her diaper but then she wouldn’t want to sit down. Then, finally she sat on the potty without her diaper! I was thankful that we were finally past that hurdle. She even went pee pee. So I stuck a paper on the fridge and let her put a sticker on the paper each time she goes. It’s been going well for the past couple of weeks. I have her sit when she wakes up in the morning. Sometimes I have her sit later in the day.

Now is not the best time for potty training. I’m feeling overwhelmed with taking care of three people (Toddler Girl, Baby Girl and myself). My husband is left to fend for himself. But I think this laid back approach to starting potty training is working for us now. Toddler Girl is getting used to going in her potty but there are no goals or pressure. Less diapers are being dirtied and that’s reason enough to continue. 


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