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ABCJLM: Year 2, Weeks 22 & 23

Last week we went back to doing two weeks worth of curriculum in just one week. It worked great as we focused on school during the beginning of the week and then had a holiday over fourth of July weekend.

We continued reading Psalm 23. I think we have almost committed it to memory. We do have the first verse memorized. We also reviewed 1 John 4:8 God is Love. Toddler Girl colored the Jesus the Shepherd coloring page. Instead of during thumb print sheep we just put a lamb sticker on the paper. I had Toddler Girl color the My Shepherd Loves Me Forever page with a red marker. Then I cut it out and pasted it onto a red sheet of paper. We outlined the heart with glitter glue. Toddler Girl wanted to do this on her own but had trouble squeezing the glue out of the tube. 

We worked on the poem Jack and Jill and watched youtube readings of the books of the week.

Toddler Girl colored the triangle circle poster with black and brown colored pencils. We also made handprint flowers using finger paints.  

For the number 7 apple tree we tore up tissue paper and glued the pieces onto the tree and then added our apples. I ended up doing most of it myself because Toddler Girl wasn’t interested in it for long.

For fine motor skills we worked on puzzles. We talked about the colors, shapes and animals while putting together the three puzzles that we own. We also worked on cutting with scissors.

Toddler Girl decorated the Uu poster with umbrella stickers and the Vv poster with vegetable stickers. 


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