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ABCJLM: Year 2, Week 20

I’m getting really tired of the TV. Toddler Girl wants to watch movies all the time and frankly I’m too tired or busy nursing to play with her. I’ve decided to continue school for the sole reason of having something to do in the morning before the TV gets turned on. Because once Toddler Girl watches something she asks and whines for more. I’m really feeling the isolation of staying at home. I like being busy and social. So it is hard to sit at home doing barely nothing because I need to rest. We did get out a few times this week. We went on a shopping trip to buy diapers one day. Another day we went to the park (La Leche League had a meeting that I attended while my husband played with Toddler Girl.) I also made it to the chiropractor for an adjustment. But these little outings tire me out. I’ve been taking afternoon naps and sleeping most of the night as well.

Toddler Girl loves school so it’s easy to get her focused on it in the morning and keep her attention away from the TV until later.

Our Bible Story for the week was Psalm 23 The Lord is my Shepherd. We memorized the first verse. We also read the story of The Lost Sheep. Toddler Girl colored the Psalm 23 lamb. We also made the paper bag lamb puppet.

Our song was Jesus Loves Me. The poem was Jack Be Nimble.

The shape of the week was a rectangle and the color was black. We glued rectangles onto a black piece of paper.

We decorated the number six apple tree with construction paper shapes and apples. We practiced counting the apples on the tree.

For the fine motor skill I showed Toddler Girl how to grip a pencil. She had a little trouble. I think we will need to work a lot on this one.

Baby Girl got her own children’s study Bible as a gift. I’ve started to read it to both girls. I’m making a big deal out of the fact that it belongs to Baby Girl. I don’t want Toddler Girl to think it is hers so I’m telling her that we only read it when Baby Girl is awake.



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