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My Hospital Vacation

The first night in the hospital was terrible. I spent most of the night replaying the day in my head. I don’t do that often. But I had had a really hard day. I lay in my bed with baby girl asleep on my chest. I would stare at her thinking how beautiful she was. Then I would get sleepy and either the monitor would start beeping, the nurse would come in or I would have flashbacks of the worst parts of the day. I fell asleep twice and got maybe one and a half hours of sleep. I was scared that the spinal would wear off and I would start hurting like crazy. I was also scared that when it wore off my body would begin to have contractions and start pushing again. I was thankful when morning came.

We had lots of visitors the next day. Both of my parents came, Toddler Girl, my sister-in-law, the midwife and the doula. Fortunately they didn’t all come at once. I was a captive in my bed. I spent most of the day holding my baby girl and nursing her when she wanted to. My meals were brought to me and I enjoyed eating again. The nurses would keep my water jug filled and bring me my pain medication. I was tired by the end of the day. The nurses got me up and walking. I got my catheter out and was able to go pee on my own. I slept a little better that night.

The second day was a lot quieter. My husband even left to go spend some time with Toddler Girl. I was able to nap a little. Then I took a shower. It felt so good to shower that I started singing “Human again, I am human again.” But it hurt to sing so I stopped. I enjoyed the food during my stay at the hospital. The last night we were there we both got a meal. It was special but I enjoyed some of the other meals just as much. The staff was friendly and overall I started to enjoy being there. I told my husband that it felt like we were far away from home. It almost felt like we were on some sort of vacation.

We got to go home the third day.


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