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ABCJLM: Year 2, Week 19 (Review)

I noticed that Toddler Girl’s behavior hasn’t been as good lately. She has been unhappy. Her whole life has been turned upside down with Mama and Papa being away for a few days and then coming back with baby sister in tow. Toddler Girl hasn’t been going out with Mama and spending time with friends. She’s been watching movies a LOT. She also got kicked out of Mama’s bed and now sleeps with Papa. Life has really changed for her. But I’m really proud of her.

A few days ago I decided that since we had a review week next I would review everything we learned so far as a way to ease back into school. I first asked her to say her Bible verses. I was surprised how many Toddler Girl was able to finish or say the whole thing right after I said the reference. We reviewed the Bible stories and songs. We also reviewed all the poems. To review the books of the week I looked them up on Youtube. It was a fun way of reviewing the books. Then I had Toddler Girl color the Happy Birthday Jesus page. That completed our review week.



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