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My Major Surgery (The Birth of Baby Girl)

Here’s the first part of my birth story. My Labor Story.

We were on our way to the hospital. My midwife drove us there. It was the worst car ride ever. I wish that you could just stop contractions. But labor doesn’t work that way. It’s something that happens to you. My whole body wanted to keep pushing even though my mind knew it was useless. I was really tired and wished that I could press a pause button. But I couldn’t.

Once we arrived I said that I couldn’t walk into the hospital. But my doula said that I could walk. So I got up and walked. I had a contraction in the elevator as we went up a floor. I was so thankful that my midwife had called ahead. The hospital already had a room ready for me. The Dr. walked in and checked me. I was really swollen and the baby had actually moved backwards. I was relieved when she said that a c-section was my only choice. It was the only choice that I wanted. I had worked harder than I thought was possible and was more tired than I had ever been before.

A few contractions later I was in the operating room getting my spinal. There was immediate relief from my contractions. Slowly, the medication worked its way down my legs. I was really nervous. I knew that my relief was only temporary and I would have to recover from major surgery when all was over. But I also was in a hurry to see my baby. I was thankful for the sheet that was hung so I didn’t have to see anything. My husband and midwife were right there with me. I remember my midwife taking pictures and answering my questions. Then I heard a cry. It was a beautiful strong cry. My husband announced that our baby was a girl. We were so excited! My little baby girl was placed nearby where I could see her. Her head was pale, swollen, and bruised. No wonder she was stuck. I got to hold her only a minute later. She was beautiful. The Dr. was stitching me up and I was experiencing a lot of pressure on my abdomen. I knew that having surgery was easy. It was the recovery that I dreaded. But I had my baby girl in my arms.

Soon they took her (so I wouldn’t drop her) and wheeled us down to the recovery room. My mother and doula got to see our baby girl and I got to hold her and nurse her. That time together was precious. We were getting know each other. Baby girl was a pro at nursing. The nurses stayed with us making sure that we were stable. Then they moved my husband, baby girl and me to our hospital room where we were to spend the next few days.

To be continued…


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