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How the Abortion Culture Affects Motherhood

Read this today on a fellow blogger’s page. She says it so well.

Your Mom Has A Blog

This weekend I ran across a blog that features anonymous “mommy confessions,” where mamas can post some of their most cringe-worthy moments or try to help clear their consciences by revealing some terrible thing that they feel guilty about doing.  It was certainly an eye opener to read what some of the women wrote.  Of course, there was your typical I’m scared to breastfeed type admission.  There were quite a few I hate my husband entries.  There were some that were along the lines of I never make my child brush his teeth or All my son will eat is chicken nuggets.  

And, then there was a whole other category of confessions.  Here are a few that caught my eye:

Three children was too many.

It’s 9am and I just sent my five year old back to bed with a movie because I just can’t deal with him right…

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