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ABCJLM: Year 2, Weeks 11 & 12

This week was hard for us because we were getting over being sick. We had spent so much time inside that we were all a little moody. Besides “school” we did get out a few times this week. We went on a short walk, made it to the library, and a park day play date.

Week 11

We have moved on from Creation to Thank You, God, for Making Me. Our scripture for this week was Psalm 139:1-18. I read this from my Bible since Toddler Girl’s Bible Story book doesn’t have this Psalm. We continued working on the verse, Psalm 139:14 You made me in an amazing and wonderful way. Our song was O Be Careful. The poem is called I Have Ten Fingers.

We did the boy and girl puzzles together. I glued them onto a piece of blue paper and Toddler Girl colored them. We also pulled out the God Made Me poster. We had done this one before but we added a few things.

The shape of the week was a square. The colors of the week were purple and blue. We made the fat square by taking two squares (Toddler Girl had colored these previously) and stapling them together. We stuffed the squares with cotton and finished stapling them together. We played with blue play dough.

We didn’t find the book of the week.

We worked on Toddler Girl saying her name and helping around the house. She isn’t dressing or undressing herself yet but we talk about the clothes names as we put them on and off. Toddler Girl asks to wear dresses most of the time.

We decorated the Ff poster with fish stickers.

Week 12

The scripture and verse were the same as week 11. The song was This Little Light of Mine. I sang this and the poem Head and Shoulders.
The book of the week was The Wheels on the Bus. The library didn’t have this but we did watch a movie that had the song on it. Then Toddler Girl colored the yellow bus coloring page.
In preparation for this week I cut out the faces from the Teaching Emotions printable. I glued them into a little book that I made from construction paper and labeled each emotion. We looked at this book together and made the faces to go with the emotions.
I pulled out the stoplight that I had made before and asked Toddler Girl to name the colors. We then talked about how green means go, yellow means slow down and red means stop.
We colored a picture of a butterfly that we got at story time at the library this week.
I decided to tackle two more letters with Toddler Girl. I had her color the Gg poster green. Then for the Hh poster we hunted through my stickers looking for things that start with ‘h’. We found a horse, hat, happy face, hippo, horn and hare.

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