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36 Weeks Pregnant

The home visit with my midwife is next week. That’s my deadline to get everything ready. We got quite a bit done this past week.

This is the list that I had on last weeks blog:

  • Clean out kitchen cupboards and organize everything.
  • Scrub stove and floor
  • Scrub bathroom top to bottom (we just have to clean the floor)
  • Catch up on laundry
  • Organize my desk (in progress)
  • Clean underneath bed and then move it against the wall (done)
  • Organize and put away things in the bedroom (done)
  • Finish gathering all the things I need for the birth
  • Buckle infant seat into car
  • Put together bouncy seat

We were all sick last week too which made it harder to get stuff done. I hope this will be the last sickness before the baby is born. I don’t want to be sick when giving birth.

The baby is still moving around a lot. I expect that the baby will settle down head first soon. That will be my first indication that labor is coming. In the back of my mind I’m a little nervous that the baby won’t be in an ideal position when the time comes. But I try to reassure myself that God created everything to work smoothly. There are no indications that I’ll have any problems and I have had a vaginal birth before so everything should happen smoothly.


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