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ABCJLM: Year 2, Weeks 9 & 10

Week 9 Review

We’ve been doing a lot of review every week. I often read from the beginning of her storybook instead of just reading one day of creation at a time. I also will go back and sing all the songs that we’ve covered so far. So after I had Toddler Girl color the title page of the creation book we moved onto week 10.

For the gross motor skill I’ve been working on Toddler Girl jumping.

Week 10

We read about the seven days of creation and the story of Adam and Eve. Our verse was Psalm 139:14 You made me in an amazing and wonderful way. I’ve been working on Toddler Girl repeating the verse after me word for word. I’ve also been singing the verse to the tune of Deep and Wide. Our song was God Made Me to the tune of Old McDonald. Toddler Girl loves doing the motions while I sing the song. We’ve been working on Where is Thumbkin? as well. It’s nice to have two songs with hand motions the week we talk about God making people.

We started the next project. It’s the Thank you, God, for making me book. I cut pictures of people out of a magazine and helped Toddler Girl glue them onto a purple piece of paper. I colored the God Made People poster and sang Jesus Loves the Little Children while pointing to the different colored people.

The shape of the week was a triangle. According to my handbook the color of the week was purple but on the website it was orange. So we worked with both colors this week. Toddler Girl colored two of the orange coloring pages. On one she used dot markers and on the other she used regular markers. I had her put purple stickers on a triangle after she colored it purple. We also played with purple play dough

We painted the number 4 tree together this week. I guided Toddler Girl’s hand and then let her free paint on another piece of paper. I glued four apples on the tree.

The book of the week was Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. We read this one a lot.

Toddler Girl ended up getting sick again this week. We stayed home and spent time watching movies, reading books and coloring.

Towards the end of the week we worked on three alphabet posters. Cc, Dd, and Ee. Toddler Girl is good at recognizing these letters except for d which she calls b. She has trouble saying C’s sound but has the other ones down pat. We decorated the Cc poster by glueing on cotton. Toddler Girl used her dot markers to decorate the Dd poster. I encouraged her to stay in the lines and she did a great job doing so. For the Ee poster I cut some E’s out of a magazine, put little spots of glue on the poster and Toddler Girl stuck the E’s down.



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