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35 Weeks Pregnant

I went to my midwife last week. The baby was really active. He/she has grown a lot and the heart beat has slowed down.

My midwife is going to do a home visit in two weeks. That’s my deadline to get everything ready. I have a lot to do.

Stuff that needs to get done:

  • Clean out kitchen cupboards and organize everything.
  • Scrub stove and floor
  • Scrub bathroom top to bottom
  • Catch up on laundry
  • Organize my desk
  • Clean underneath bed and then move it against the wall
  • Organize and put away things in the bedroom
  • Finish gathering all the things I need for the birth
  • Buckle infant seat into car
  • Put together bouncy seat


Stuff that’s done:

  • Meals in freezer
  • Stockpiled non-perishables like cereal, pasta, nuts, dried fruit and vitamins
  • Organized last year’s paperwork and put away
  • Organized and planned homeschool activities
  • Purchased diapers and wipes for new baby
  • Organized Toddler Girl’s toys and books
  • Birth kit ordered and arrived


I didn’t realize how little I’ve done so far. Well, the biggest thing left is the cleaning.

I feel really good on the days that I spend some time outside. The sun is definitely my friend. It gives me energy. I seem to be sleepy and sluggish on days that I spend all my time indoors. I’m really surprised that I notice such a difference now. It certainly makes me want to continue to spend time outside every chance that I can get.

On another note, I’ve been missing my husband. He is picking up every shift at work that he can now. School is keeping him busy too. So we haven’t had much time together since Friday. I’m hoping that he won’t be working too late tonight so I’ll be able to see him before I go to bed.


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