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ABCJLM: Year 2, Weeks 5 & 6

We had a busy week covering the material from weeks 5 and 6. We also read the Bible stories about Jesus washing the Disciples feet and The Last Supper. We finished with the story of the Death of Christ. Today we read about Christ rising from the dead. I want Toddler Girl to understand the true meaning of Easter.

Week 5

We read about the first five days of creation in our Bible story book. We practiced the creation finger play to help her remember what God created each day. Our verse was 1 Thessalonians 2:13 Give thanks to God.

We completed the fifth part of the creation book. For Day 5, I drew some waves to divide a blue piece of paper in two. Then I drew some clouds and the sun in the sky. Toddler Girl put bird stickers in the sky and fish stickers in the water.

Our song for the week was Pat the Bible. Our poem was The Itsy Bitsy Spider.

The colors of the week were red and blue. We ate blueberry banana bread and red bell pepper strips with hummus.

The shape was a line. Toddler Girl walked on raised curb at the playground.

Toddler Girl likes having us feed her. But I encouraged her to feed herself for at least part of most meals.

The book of the week was Five Speckled Frogs. We didn’t get the book but I sang the song using the frogs on log template. Toddler Girl got into moving the frogs off the log as I sang. We also colored a picture of a frog together.

Week 6

We added Day 6 of creation to our reading each day. We continued with our verse from week 5.

We did the next part of our creation book. We talked about zoo animals and put stickers of them onto a sheet of paper.

The song was Praise Him.

The color of the week was green so Toddler Girl colored the green grape page. We ate avocados.

The shape of the week was square. I taped a couple small squares on a piece of yellow paper. Then I helped Toddler Girl stamp around the edges with her blue dot marker. After the paint dried I took the squares off leaving two blank squares on the sheet. We talked about how yellow and blue make green.

We colored the number 3 apple tree poster with markers this week. Then I glued three apples onto it.

The book of the week was Good Night Gorilla. Toddler Girl enjoyed reading this one together. We named all the animals in the story.

I had Toddler Girl help me put her dirty clothes in the hamper.

For the fine motor skill we made snakes with green play dough.

We finished up this week with two letter activities. We decorated the Aa poster with ABC stamps and ABC stickers. Toddler Girl told me the correct name and sound for the letter A. Then we did the Bb poster. Toddler Girl could name the big B but called the little b “d”. I told her it was little b and then told her the sound it makes. I outlined the Bb with glue and then we stuck beans on the glue outline. Toddler Girl did a great job with this project. We also watched Leapfrog’s Letter Factory. This video focuses on the sounds of all the letters. Toddler Girl enjoys watching it and encourage her to say the letter sounds along with the video.


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