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33 Weeks Pregnant

I feel like I shouldn’t be 33 weeks pregnant already. It’s going by way too fast. I want to be pregnant for a while longer. But I’m also getting excited about meeting my baby face to face. I’m wanting to hold my baby in my arms.

My prenatal visit last week went well. Unborn Baby was moving around during my visit again. I talked about supplements with my midwife. I’m going to start taking raspberry leaf tea and evening primrose in a few weeks. I’m going to stop taking fish oil at the same time.

Last week I noticed the baby settling while I was walking. My round ligaments were also getting sore and burning a bit during my walks. This makes it uncomfortable to walk for more than a half mile. I’m going to try walking on level ground this week instead of the hills around my neighborhood.

I’m having a hard time trying to wrap my head around the idea of taking care of two children. Sometimes I find myself doing something and thinking how it will be different with two. I see other moms looking at such ease balancing the needs of two. Of course I didn’t see them struggling in the first few weeks after their second was born. I’m hoping that we will all adjust well to the change.


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