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ABCJLM: Year 2, Weeks 3 & 4

Toddler Girl started singing this week! She’s not just saying the words but actually singing.

Week 3

We read about the first four days of creation in our Bible story book. We practiced the creation finger play to help her remember what God created each day. We continued working on Genesis 1:1 In the Beginning God created the heavens and the earth. 

We completed the fourth part of the creation book. For Day 4, I glued onto a black piece of paper an orange circle for the sun, a yellow moon and Toddler Girl helped with the stars. We also did a sun, moon and star wall hanging. I punched holes into each shape and then hung them on a string from a hook in the wall.

Our song for the week was Praise God. Toddler Girl liked this one and did the hand motions right along with me. Our poem was Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

The color of the week was yellow. We ate bananas and played with yellow play dough.

The shape was circle so we made circles with our play dough by rolling snakes and then pinching the ends together.

We worked on saying please and thank you this week.

We colored the number 2 tree with colored pencils and then I made two red apples and glued them on.

Toddler Girl played with her alphabet magnets on the the fridge quite a bit this week. She also did some stamping with her alphabet stamps. I’m thinking of doing a letter of the week activity every week. Maybe I’m biting off too much but we can always stop and continue with it later.

The book of the week was Dr. Seuss’ One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish. Toddler Girl colored a fish.

For the fine motor activity Toddler Girl played with her peg puzzles.

Week 4 Review

We didn’t get around to the gross motor activities but I’m going to try to do them next week with her.

We worked on coloring the palm leaf from later on in the curriculum since it’s Palm Sunday tomorrow. I cut it out and plan on gluing it to a stick.

This morning we went to a community Easter egg hunt. Toddler Girl said she had a lot of fun collecting the eggs. They had good quality plastic eggs which is nice because I was planning on reusing them. We already emptied them out and found quite a few treasures. We set the candy aside for Papa which she was happy to do. She hasn’t eaten candy yet except for chocolate since I want to keep her diet free from artificial colorings.

I selected a few of the plastic eggs and put a little dry rice inside. Then I taped them shut to make shakers. We put little stickers on the eggs for decorations. I’m planning on bringing them to church tomorrow so Toddler Girl can give them to her friends.

I’m trying to decide whether or not to take a break from school next week. I thought it would be nice to focus on the Easter story and the stories leading up to it in her Bible story book. So I might do that and a few crafts this week or maybe I’ll just try to do everything.




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