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My Mother Was Preparing Me

Warning! I’m going to talk about bras and breast feeding.

I was recently thinking about how I’ve not dealt with a lot of problems that other women deal with while breast feeding. I’ve not had mastitis or even plugged ducts. I’ve had a healthy, normal breast feeding experience with my daughter. I owe a lot to my mother.

I remember when my mother took me out shopping to buy my first two bras. She helped me pick out two simple, sensible bras. I remember I told her that they were way too tight but she assured me that they fit fine. They just felt tight because I wasn’t used to wearing them. She told me not to wear them while sleeping to give my body a rest. I took this so literally that I would unhook them while napping. I thought something terrible would happen if I fell asleep with my bra on.

As I got older my mother continued to help me shop for bras. She told me that underwire is not healthy and should be avoided. She told me not to buy bras that squished me. She helped me find sports bras that were supportive but not too flattening. I had no idea that she was setting me up with healthy habits. I didn’t have to change much when I had my daughter. I bought similar bras to what I was wearing only they were nursing ones. I didn’t have to worry about underwire cutting off circulation or hampering milk production.

Recently, I thanked my mother. It’s been a few years since we have gone bra shopping together. But I have the confidence and the experience to make the right choice when I do. My mother was preparing me for motherhood and I didn’t even realize it.


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