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31 Weeks Pregnant

Last week was very busy in a good way. We spent a ton of time outside. We enjoyed a couple mornings at the park with friends and then a couple days of walks. We went on a really long walk with friends (It took a long time because the toddlers wanted to walk partway) one day and finished the week with a short hour walk on Saturday. I felt energized going for these walks. Normally I would be tired but spending time out in the sun just seemed to revitalize me.

I had another prenatal appointment last week. The baby was moving around while the midwife was figuring out it’s position. She said the baby ended up with it’s head down and back toward my back. So that’s why I’ve been having a little back pain. This baby is quite the acrobat so it’s already taking after me. My mother said I turned somersaults in the womb.

I’ve been feeling pretty good. But now I’m up two times each night to pee. I remember that it just gets worse from here. I’ll be getting less and less sleep as I get closer to the baby’s due date. I think it helps prepare me for when the baby is up every couple hours during the night.


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