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30 Weeks Pregnant

Yay! 10 weeks to go (or maybe 8, 9, 11, or 12). You never know when the baby will be ready to enter into this world. My goal is to be all ready in 8 weeks just in case the baby decides to come early.

I made chili this last week so now the freezer is really full. I have chili, spaghetti and chicken veggie soup. I have a gallon of fresh pressed apple cider from last fall. I thought it would be wonderful to have some nourishing juice for when I’m in labor. We also have some frozen chicken breasts and an assortment of fruits and veggies.

I’m planning on purchasing a bunch of healthy food and snacks to have on hand. I have granola bars and want to get nuts, dried fruit, crackers, tortilla chips, rice, pasta and cereal. I’ll probably buy some more juice and some boxed soups too.

I’m still feeling well. I have more energy than during the first and second trimesters. I usually spend Toddler’s nap time blogging or reading instead of sleeping. I’m really hungry these days. I think it’s partly due to a change in our lunches and dinners. My husband is on a eating healthy diet for the next couple weeks. So we’re eating a lot of brown rice and quinoa with meat and veggies. So I’m craving bread and sweets. I’m enjoying the grains instead of eating so much pasta though.

I’m really enjoying being pregnant these days. There’s something wonderful about having a life growing and moving inside of me. I think that I’m going to miss being pregnant once the baby comes. I’m not at the part where I really want to meet my baby yet. I’m not ready for labor or birth. I’m just enjoying this time right now.



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