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Fire Danger!!!

Something has been puzzling me recently. When Toddler Girl gets pajamas they are either flame retardant or they have a tag saying that they are not and should fit snugly. I’ve been thinking this through. Why on earth do baby and kid pajamas have to be flame resistant? Thinking about this only raises more questions.

Where are people putting their children to sleep? Toddler Girl sleeps in a bed at night. No candles burning, no electric blanket, no exposed wires that are sparking. Where’s the fire danger?

What about me? I’m not wearing flame resistant pajamas and I happen to be sleeping in the same bed! Help, I’m in danger of combusting!

What about during the day? Her regular clothes could catch on fire. She sometimes wanders within a few feet of the stove while it is in use. She could catch fire. This is the real danger. She could catch fire at a camp out. Or what if it’s really hot outside. The sunlight could cause her to burst into flames!

My solution is this… to wear flame resistant footy pajamas all the time. Now I know why I sometimes see babies and toddlers still in their pajamas out in public. They have decent parents who don’t want them catching on fire. Now if only I can convince the rest of the world to follow suit.



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