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29 Weeks Pregnant

I’ve had more energy this week. I’ve been able to check a few things off my to do list. First, we got a second hand infant car seat. I was so happy to be offered the same model that I was considering buying brand new. This saved us around $70 bucks.

I cleaned up a corner of the kitchen. I organized the shelf unit in this corner, got rid of some stuff, moved other stuff and cleaned and straightened the rest. We went on a big shopping trip and stocked up on food. Then I cooked a chicken veggie soup and put it in the freezer. Our freezer is almost full now. I still plan on making some chili to freeze this week.

I’ve been putting on more weight lately. I can tell because my pants are getting snug and my shirts are barely covering my belly. I’ve also had to ditch my pajama pants. Soon I’ll be in all maternity clothes. I’m waking up at night to use the bathroom. The baby has been pressing on my bladder more making me go more often.

I walked a lot this last week. I’m hoping to continue with the walking. It is such good exercise and being outside makes me feel good. Toddler Girl enjoys these walks as well.


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