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28 Weeks Pregnant

Last week I actually bought maternity jeans. I figured that it would be nice to have a third pair of pants to wear. I wore them this weekend and they were comfy. It was really nice to wear jeans again. I don’t fit into any of my nicer shirts and blouses. All I have are a bunch of worn t-shirts. But I did get three maternity blouses given to me. So I wore one of them yesterday to church. I’m thankful for the clothes that I do have but sometimes I get tired of wearing the same things every week.

I went on a road trip this weekend with my mother to visit my grandparents. I decided that it would be the last overnight trip before the baby comes. It is uncomfortable to ride in the car for four hours while pregnant. I think the baby was kicking the inside of my ribs because I was really sore there.

It’s really nice to be home again with my husband. I missed him this last weekend and so did Toddler Girl. We had a great time visiting family though. My husband did a bunch of cleaning and some organizing around the house while I was gone. I’m thankful that he got started on it. Now I feel motivated to finish getting the house in order. I’m thinking about emptying all the kitchen cupboards and wiping them inside and out. I also want to do the same with the fridge and freezer.

This week I plan on doing a big grocery shopping trip. I’m going to make bean and meat chili and chicken veggie soup for the freezer. That way we will have several meals ready for after the baby is born.


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