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ABCJLM: Week 31

Our Bible Lesson this week was Jesus’ Death. We read this story a few times. Our verse for the week was Matthew 28:6 “He has risen as He said.” Our song was O How I Love Jesus. We listened to her playlist with this song and others from this year’s curriculum. The Poem was Right Hand, Left Hand. It was nice to have another week to work on it.

The library didn’t have the book of the week so we skipped it. I read some other books to her this week including more from Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit and His Friends. We also went to library story time this week. The theme was owls.

The colors for the week were red, black and orange. The shapes were square and triangle. Toddler Girl colored the square triangle poster with crayons. She did a great job staying inside the shapes (mostly). I think she is finally realizing that she is supposed to color inside the lines of a coloring page. She also played with red, black and orange play dough. She is doing a great job identifying the colors and has learned to say most of them as well.

Toddler Girl has been wanting me to write down the alphabet. She will color for a bit and then turn her paper over and ask for ABC’s. I’ve started writing both upper and lower case letters so she will recognize both. I’ve started holding her hand in mine and writing letters. She’ll let me do this for a few letters at a time. I’m also writing out her name so she starts to recognize that as well.

We were sick this week so we didn’t get to some of the other activities. We did watch a Word World dvd from the library. I really liked the show and how it introduces spelling. Toddler Girl is a little young for it but she enjoyed watching it. I’m thinking of using it in a couple years when we start writing more.


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